With fashion evolving, the trends have changed and what was once the till death Doo Hops are now evolved into a wonderful version with a variety of designer shoes. It is not uncommon now to see world-famous actresses walking the ramp in designer shoes. As the price range is pretty high, these shoes make a lot of money. But, even though they are stylish, we need to ask where is the beauty in wearing such a high priced and stylish product? Is it worth to spend even on a pair of high heels just to make our feet look much longer and thereby making our personality more charming?

Not necessarily.

How to choose good shoes

Well, here are a few tips which will help you to purchase a nice looking pair of shoes without having to pay a high price.

  • Stick to your budget: This is pretty common with everything but shoe buying. Usually, you dream of getting a fancy one with crocodile skin and all, but sticking to your budget will also be good. Your feet will thank you in the end.
  • If you do not own a stylish, go and borrow one from a friend or someone you know. This will be helpful to find out what looks good on you and what does not.
  • When buying shoes always check the insole. Your feet will thank you in the end (proof to the right size).
  • In most shoe shops, you will not get to see the complete shoe when you pick it up, and the aspect of its making will return later especially when you take it for a test walk. Hence make sure that the shoe is at the right testing stage before purchasing it.
  • It is better to get yourself a pair of walking shoes for absolute comfort. These walking shoes don’t look too attractive as well; instead, they are extremely comfortable. They have a midsole with a covered wedge (a special feature from Doo-Hops) that lends the shoe a hand holding sense. Some good examples would be Heywood from Shoemakers or Oakley’sphasar and lightly armed from there. These shoes are largely available in both leather and suede. They provide great sideways stability when you are walking.
  • Before paying the bombshell, make sure that the shoe fits you well.
  • Make sure that you pick a nice color. It is wise to choose a color according to your dressing sense. After all, you are the main judge of your personality type. Though the color you pick is not important in the grand scheme of things, it will be in control of your choice and walking posture. Your walk will speak a lot about you.
  • You should pick the right size. Shoes with very small or very large sizes won’t fit you.
  • If your shoe size Wonder why. It simply means that the store does not have your feet size.
  • The medium size should never be a problem as several stores provide the same in your size. Only the best stores would provide you with such a huge variety at a single time. This makes your job of picking a pair easy.
  • Go for the style, not the brand. A brand does nothing but the name of the store. While the brand might give you comfort it is not necessary for you the cope with the physical climate or the kind of foot you have.
  • The feet will change depending on the walking style or its fitness. Hence make sure that your pick is by these changes.
  • A defective piece is harmful investment. So make sure that the part which is not up to the mark is not purchased. It will only increase the frequency of alterations later on.
  • A tape measure is needed to measure the length of your feet while you place the order for a new pair of shoes. Though the method is simple, it is still important to note that the distance between the longest part of your toes and the part which is the roof of your feet should match the toe area of the shoe you have chosen.

The most important point of all is that your feet should be comfortable while wearing them. This will provide you with the right posture that flows naturally on whatever surface you tread upon. The concept of picking the right kinds of shoes should come from this comfort factor, and not from looking good in the process. And for an occasion, there is no better way than this.

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