So you are dating, are you sure you are friends? Well, friends have a lot of the same relationship issues that you do so, better think about this before you answer the question on your mind. But first off, are you sure you know your friends? They do not know the secrets to your heart, and they certainly do not want to get you into some trouble or have to tell their secrets to a stranger.

Be honest with everybody

So are you willing to be honest with your friends or, is there something you want to hide? If you are hiding something, it will come out eventually because they will catch you. No one is perfect in this world. So when you are around your friends they will notice if you are being yourself or if you are pretending to be something you are not. So be honest about what you do because whether we are friends or not, we will eventually get to know the real you, and then only you will be able to tell if there is the harm in the friend’s zone.

Are you willing to be her friend first or partner? Women do not want to be viewed as just a friend unless you are ten times happier then her taking you out and bombarding you with meaningless gifts. Women want to be viewed as sexy but not for one night fun but as a possible partner. A woman will not blame a guy for wanting to be close to her because women also want to be wanted and taken care of and be treated well. What exactly are you saying when taking her out? That you want to just be friends right? That you are being a buddy?

Are you ready to be the guy at work that she wants to spend her night with? If you are willing to spend the time and money to take care of a woman, then it is also good to spend the same amount to buy her little gifts. If it is a guy that is always buying her stuff like you would buy her a drink at a bar. Is she not worth buying because men should always be first?

Do not rush things

The biggest advice I can give is to wait a while to have sex with her. Guys get away with not waiting and having sex with the girl and moving too fast, and she will be thinking one of two things. 1. Be his Woman. She is willing to go to bed with him so, why not her? 2. He is confused. She is going to ask him about what happened, where he was, and why he did not call. Are you going to be his sitter? They should have a proper relationship, and he should answer her questions instead of being ambiguous.

Sex in the friend’s zone is so confusing. It is based on so much of the emotions you have already expressed to her, but it is the main stain in between friendship and something more. Do not put her in that situation, and if you are already doing that, stop. These are booty calls.

Just think for a minute, what is going to make you want to get it on because it is all so inexpensive? No presents, no nothing, just sex. Right? That is how you think it should be, and that is how you are driven. I am not saying you should not buy her gifts, what I am saying is that if you are spending it on the text generated sex toys because you are just starters, and don’t want to get to know her, then you might as well spend that on something else.

Unless you are going to spend all your money on getting a girl, going out, seeing a movie, and bringing her to a fancy restaurant – do not spend everything on the one night you are going to get – who you are with.

Take your time, find out who she is, be enthusiastic, be excited to be with her, she will appreciate that, and you will be well on your way to building something real and lasting, a real friendship. Sex in the friend’s zone is hard to avoid once you start building yours, don’t make it harder than it needs to be.

Unless you make it clear that the pleasure is about both of you. Don’t try to arrange it yourself, worst case you throw it right back at her. Let it be something she wants over and over again – until you are ready. Keep building your friendship and your feelings for each other, and don’t be so quick to give it up.

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