People are drawn to others for many different reasons. We can’t help but be attracted to the site of someone who looks good and smiles at us, or someone who is successful at what he is doing. But what about when our looks are only average, and our safety and well being are at stake? Those emotions, combined with the simple fact that someone is more than likely to be just a normal-looking head that is in the crowd, make us go for the most common and probably the least desirable of all human beings ourselves. Any relationship advice for dating a thirty-year-old is going to be particularly related to those emotions and needs.

Be confident and don’t panic

When we are emotions and feelings are mingled with fears and doubts, even to the point of panic, it follows that the person we are currently dating is going to have some faults along with all the good qualities, and because of that, we are more likely to dismiss him before we find out just how wonderful he is. The most common fault, as you will also soon notice, is included in this group. This could be gum problems, bad breath, body order, bad grooming that leaves nothing to the imagination, or simply forgetting to be on time. Anyone of these could ruin the start of a relationship, even a new relationship with someone just five years older than you. It’s usually the simple things that are so obvious as we get closer to a thirty-year age, but many people are still very capable of making the same simple errors, especially when the relationship is new.

On the other hand, all of these same problems can be alleviated with just a bit of time and care, so perhaps the adage is truly worth repeating, as any relationship advice detective will tell you no matter how old the thirty-year-old is younger.

The key to modern relationships starts with your mind. Unfortunately, our younger counterparts sans puberty-driven hormones, social agendas, and the lack of a higher calling-ode to their education there’s nothing that can now keep their hands off of a piece of or the one they love. Remember, while all the women in the world may be doing great in their careers, their real education is in effect at home, and in their very own circle of loved ones. The advice for dating a thirty-year-old that you are given is that of a couple of dozen years but time, as they say, sees them through.

For all its recent splendor, the internet also has a dark and equally secret history. Nowhere as vibrant as the early days of Usenet and newsgroups, it has developed a complex and, most of the time, petty set of rules. You may learn a thing or two, but be careful, also, that your new information doesn’t evolve into a readily Siren like the dawn. For, as the dawn is lonesome and dark, the man in the mirror will inevitably reveal something about his otherwise hidden attributes.

When it is the real deal, word gets around, and it is the same in other lands. More and more people are exchanging money for it and what is left in their hands is a great many quid Prospering in a pocket. A small thing turned into many greater things. Still, without the benefit of good media guidance, you are left to your own devices and fast.  

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