The secret to the law of attraction is to visualize what you want and then allow it to come to you.

If you visualize, say, you are about to take off in your jet, and then imagine the wind, the seats, another person sitting next to you, and the blue and the red lights while you are in the air.

What do you think will happen? Now, I mention this as another way to use visualization to take advantage of the “law of attraction” and demonstrate how you can use this great tool to be able to make the law of attraction work for you.

How to achieve success with the Law of Attraction

You are what you think! Napoleon Hill and many others have known this for years and have proven it is 100% true. That does not mean, however, that you will automatically attract everything you want to attract, but ultimately I believe that you do attract what you dwell upon.

So how do you do this?

Well, to better understand this idea, or get a better understanding of it, let me tell you the story of the married couple in theatres of Diamondsbook. I did not know the full story of their story, but pouring through the pages of generating how the story was told is the idea that the couple experienced a very lucky time in their life.

I stopped in at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hill, and they told me the same story I heard all too often in my storytelling and law of attraction workshops. They were on their wedding day, the most wonderful day, and the sun was on their faces.

Next, everything goes wrong. They started off blaming everything on the plane and how it wouldn’t start. They had a negative attitude toward everything and everyone. I watched and listened to everything they said. I’m not going to just let it go at that, I’ll dig a little deeper into this.

They started thinking along negative, defeatist, defeatist lines. They blamed the crash, and everyone on the plane and their feelings of depression would overwhelm them.

They talked about how they made the situation even worse, and they blamed everyone for it. Then, just when they are about to get the job they had always dreamed of, they watched the news in a state of depression!

How could they think when everything else around them was going wrong? Well, they dwelled on the things it had shown them not how to have and were feeling down all of the time. After a few more days of searching in touch, they found their way back to the positives. The news was turned over, and the hope was strongest again.

How Do I Make This Work for Me?

You start by finding the positive, and it is mindful of improving your vibration as it is an incredible means. You start smiling more, getting in that mood when you feel like losing yourself. Well, now they’ll be counting down to the best time to start all over again!

You want to have laughter in your heart all of the time, and your positive state will attract whatever you want in your life.

A few of the material covered in the 10 most uplifting, vital and inspirational of my articles, hoping it helps you continue to raise your vibration and feel good about your actions.

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