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A Guide to Goal Setting For A Well Balanced Life

Many of us hate being busy, but we all busy people in one manner or another. Just think about how hectic every day can be. We wake up at crazy hours with our feet burning, hoping we don’t stumble upon an obstacle we can’t bypass. We arrive at work late or, we don’t show up at all because we’re so behind schedule. We spend so much time at our jobs that we could be using our time for exercise. Or, we spend so much of our money shopping and stressing over how much we need to pay back home. Then we go home and try to hang out with our kids before sending them off to school. Continue reading

When to Take Garten Class and What to Expect

Usually, parents do not have to worry about enrolling their child in a kindergarten class until he or she is just over the elementary grades. But, before the kindergarten hurdles, parents can choose one or more kindergarten teachers they feel are competent.

Once you choose a kindergarten teacher, expect certain things. And, if you decide to take your preschooler to an experienced kindergarten teacher, realize you are signing up for some extra work. Continue reading

How to Survive the Two-Week Density of Picky Eaters

It has been two weeks since my toddler decided she would no longer tolerate being fed anything but cereal and juice. (She has been either a picky eater or too finicky to eat most solid foods for the past year and a half.) I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed by it all, and I don’t blame her. It’s become a daily challenge to get her to consume something other than what she feels comfortable eating. Continue reading

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