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Healthy Diet to Lose Weight

In the fast-paced life, each of us is all busy with work and helping out your family. And because of this, most people don’t mind going on a crash diet to shed all the excess weight. But many are those who make a good attempt and fail because of very rigid diet plans and constrictive eating. Continue reading

Tips for Buying Designer Shoes

With fashion evolving, the trends have changed and what was once the till death Doo Hops are now evolved into a wonderful version with a variety of designer shoes. It is not uncommon now to see world-famous actresses walking the ramp in designer shoes. As the price range is pretty high, these shoes make a lot of money. But, even though they are stylish, we need to ask where is the beauty in wearing such a high priced and stylish product? Is it worth to spend even on a pair of high heels just to make our feet look much longer and thereby making our personality more charming? Continue reading

Break the Ice on the First Date

Meeting new people is often scary especially if you are new to the dating scene. It’s even worse when you’re on a first date (presuming you’re a guy) and the person seems really ‘nice’, but you never see ‘see them’.

Or they’re not exactly what you ‘see’ in your eyes either. Then you say: “Well this is the first time I’ve met anyone like you”. And then you feel embarrassed because they didn’t do the whole ‘nice’ thing you wanted them to do. Continue reading

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