Sometimes we ignore them. It happens because we don’t even know they are there. Angels and Spirit Guides let you know that you are always heard. All you have to do to connect with them is to ask and then be open to their answers and messages. They are happy to talk with you, and they love you unconditionally.

The Angels will help you decide which path to take. This can be one decision or many. You may feel like you made a decision, but the decision is yours. It is all up to you. Sometimes you have to learn the lesson your Angels are taking, but the result can ultimately be that you feel fulfilled and on a path, you had always wanted.

I want to believe

Angels will guide you in parking lot locations to get to where you have always been looking. They will help you feel and know what you want to do or think. They will guide you to places you can only dream of having been before in your life. You may have to go through a roadblock of sorts to get there, but know the outcome is always positive. It might be that moving to a new location you have always dreamed of is what you were seeking.

Sometimes we wonder if we even have guardian angels at all. Well, you do! You have many angels just for different areas in your life. So, if you need help with something make sure to call on your Angel for assistance. They are love beings that will lift you out of despair.

Prayer, meditation, and being open and receptive to Spirit can make miracles real. Just remember to take a line and do not forget to speak positively. Don’t speak to them like you are desperate for an answer or help. Ask instead like you would ask a friend for help or advice.

Find a positive way to release your frustrations and release any thoughts of fear or setbacks. And that is all it takes, just being open and willing to deal with that which you have been put on the earth.

When all else fails then ask for help from God or what the Angels call God (or whatever their words are for you) to help you get back on your normal path.

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