Many of us hate being busy, but we all busy people in one manner or another. Just think about how hectic every day can be. We wake up at crazy hours with our feet burning, hoping we don’t stumble upon an obstacle we can’t bypass. We arrive at work late or, we don’t show up at all because we’re so behind schedule. We spend so much time at our jobs that we could be using our time for exercise. Or, we spend so much of our money shopping and stressing over how much we need to pay back home. Then we go home and try to hang out with our kids before sending them off to school.

Unbalanced schedule

These things all lead to one thing, an unbalanced schedule where our lives aren’t in balance. Time is just so hectic that too much of it just wears us out. I decided it was high time to take a hard look at my lifestyle and make changes as needed.

I looked back at how I told myself Time Management is for the “busy”, but I realized those busy people with big calendars, no time for their families, and endless work hours have enriched their lives. It’s not busy trying to make more time. It’s busy enjoying the time they have at their fingertips to make it work.

  • I’ll begin by suggesting you test your flexibility with these suggestions to help you organize your time like the busy people in life.
  • One of the least planned things in our lives is walking into a new place and being unsure of what we will do next and have no idea what to do first.
  • Once you’ve set your plans, nothing will move you forward faster.
  • Bless the time you have at your fingertips and make the most of it.
  • Treat each hour as precious. We get only so much time, so plan your day and schedule their priorities into your day.
  • Never say: “I don’t have enough time.” Time is the only non-renewable supply we have.
  • Don’t delay anything. Tomorrow is always promised to no one.

To maximize your time, you have to decide how to use it better and use each one as wisely as possible. By learning how to lead your days, you will create an organized life that enables you to find time for things that enrich or empower you.


I challenge you to focus on the 5 most important tasks you need to do, the 5 pillars of your smallest goals, and the vast given time to do them each day.   Nothing is more important than the 5 minutes you spend on the REALLY important things.

Don’t miracle rush to get through it in 20 minutes. You will get through it, and it will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride.

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